Import -Export We Import and Export Products From Ethiopia To The World and From The world To Ethiopia Order Now Export Exporting Agricultural products such as Oilseeds and Coffee beans Read More Import Construction Machineries and Automobile SHIP NOW
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We give services like Cement bulk transport

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Exporting agricultural products such as oilseeds for instance soybean, sesame seed, flaxseed, and pulses such as chickpea, black cumin, beans, peas and coffee beans to Asia, UAE, India Europe, Africa America and Turkey.


Concrete pump, Sino Truck, Trakker, Dumb truck, Mixer truck, shower truck, Automobile and we are specially known at importing quality cement bulk trailers

Why Choose Mintesnot import-export?

  1. It guarantees the quality of its products, as it is one of the main assets of the company.
  2. At the same time, it is a responsible company and is renowned for the excellent services it offer and to contact with, as it is consistent with its obligations.
  3. Mintesnot has a powerful weapon, which is key to its future, the trust and security it offers to the companies it works with. This means they have total confidence in us to import and export safely and securely their products



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